Sparked By Nature

SOTO is part of a third generation family owned business (Shinfuji Burner Company), who have 40+ years of engineering experience behind them. Specialising in stove and burner technology SOTO are dedicated to the pursuit of manufacturing the best stoves in the world.

The Blue Flame

One of the key features that they manage to output from all their stoves is the "blue flame". When a stove burns carbon it gives it the yellowish light and flame that we are used to seeing. However when the flame is hot enough and the fuel flow optimised it burns distinctively as a blue flame.

This means that the burner is only combusting oxygen; which means that its a clean way to burn fuel and that the conversion of fuel to heat is very efficient, so your fuel should actually last longer than normal too.

Beyond Stoves

Launched in 2010 as its own distinct division of Shinfuji Burner Co., SOTO has steadily expanded its range to now include stove related accessories and campware. Just like with their stoves, the supporting gear is all carefully and meticulously designed.

Made in Japan

To date all of SOTO's stoves and burner technology is made in their factory in Toyokawa. Currently only the Navigator Cook Set and New River Pot are made for them in China; for these products the factory choice was made from a careful selection and even then this is to help free up capacity back in Japan.

SOTO Factory - Hand Assembled Parts

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