SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo

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Key Features:

  • 3 x pots (750, 400, 350 ml)
  • Double-wall insulated mug from combining the titanium and stainless steel pots.
  • Insulated stow bag/sleeve, keeps hotter warmer.
  • Pot lifter.
  • Lightweight: 310g


The SOTO Thermostack Combo is a tough, versatile and lightweight cook set - perfect for solo backpackers or anyone looking for a complete kit without compromising on weight.

The set is complete with a 750ml cooking pot + strainer lid, 400ml titanium pot/cup, 350ml stainless steel pot/cup + lid (that fits both of the smaller pots), 1 x pot lifter/grips and 1 x o-ring joint.

Great for heating meals or boiling water. The strainer can double as a sip through lid to help keep your liquids hotter for longer too.

The insulated stow bag cozy protects your hands and keeps the heat in while you eat.

By combing the 400ml titanium pot and 350ml stainless steep pot with the o-ring you can create a double-wall insulated mug.

Minimalist Tip

By using only the 750ml aluminium pot you can stow a 105g fuel canister and a compact stove, like the Amicus, neatly inside. A perfect way to save some extra grams and space when it counts.

Made In Japan

SOTO is part of a third generation family owned business (Shinfuji Burner Company), who have 40+ years of engineering experience behind them. Specialising in stove and burner technology SOTO are dedicated to the pursuit of manufacturing the best stoves in the world.

Tech Specs

  • 750ml Aluminium, 84g
  • 400ml Titanium, 50g
  • 350ml Stainless Steel, 80g
Pot Lifter: Aluminium/Stainless Steel, 13g
Storage Size: 105 x 125 mm (w x h)
Total Weight: 310g

Amicus Stove and Gas not included.