Robens Kobuk Tent Stove

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Robens Kobuk Tent Stove is a wood burning stove for use in your large tent.

As well as great stove for cooking on the Kobuk Tent Stove is great for heating your tent in cooler evenings (and days!).


  • Easy to assemble
  • Burns wood
  • 8 x 36cm Stovepipe sections with flue protector dia. 13cm
  • Safe and stable
  • Cooking surface
  • Removable top plate for direct access to firebox
  • Carrybag included
  • Legs fold to reduce pack size
  • Glass inspection window in door
  • Door air intake for combustion control
  • Low height for efficient space heating
  • Detachable multipurpose drying racks/shelfs
  • Air tight door for efficient fuel consumption
  • Stovepipe baffle controls combustion rate and intensity


Material:  Steel
Colour:  Black
Height:  345cm (Max)
Pack Size:  54.5 x 41 x 28cm
Weight:  12.5Kg