Snugpak Hammock Quilt

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Snugpack Hammock Quilt is the perfect alternative to trying to get into your sleeping bag while lying on a hammock!  Designed to keep you warm and comfortable this blanket gives you easy access.  It just lays over you with a section for your feet and then insulated flaps tuck down either side of you to help keep it in place.

Filled with Travelsoft insulation the quilt is designed to retain its thermal characteristics even after periods of little use.  Conmbine this with the Snugpack Hammock Underblanket (listed separately) and your insulated shell around your body will be complete.

MANUFACTURERS NOTE:  Due to the versatility of the hammock insulation systems, the wide variety of applications and variations in a camp set up, it is difficult to establish an overall comfort temperature for these items.  As a general reference, the insulation used is Travelsoft with the similar fill weights to Snugpak 2-season sleeping bags.  We would strongly recommend you experiment with your setup and gradually build up to more extreme temperatures until you are confident of the overall thermal performance.

Comes complete with its own compression sack.

Colour: Olive
Material:  Micro Diamond 100% Polyester / Paratex Antibacterial 100% Polyester
Insulation:  Travelsoft 100% Polyester
Pack Size: 24 x 22cm
Weight: 1100g