SOTO Fuel Bottle 1000ml

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Key Features:

  • Designed for use with SOTO Muka Stove

  • Compatible with SOTO Smart Pump

  • Wide mouth, easy to see fuel level

  • Material: Aluminium

  • Capacity: 1000ml or 720ml (with Smart Pump inserted)

  • Diameter: Mouth - 34mm, Bottle - 74mm

  • Height: 290mm (includes cap)

  • Weight: 178g (includes cap)



All Soto Fuel bottles are made with the same excellent Japanese engineering as their stoves and are designed to be compatible with the SOTO Muka Stove. SOTO fuel bottles feature a wider mouth than comparable brands, and this makes it both easier to pour from them and to observe the fuel level in the bottle, while also making them easier to clean. 700ml and 400ml sizes are also available.