SOTO Muka Stove

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Key Features:

  • Output: 4652W, 15873BTU, 4000kcal/h

  • Weight: 333g

  • Fuel: White Gasoline (e.g. Coleman Liquid Fuel), Unleaded Petrol, or similar/h



SOTO's Muka Stove is highly reliable, it burns clean without sooting, does not require pre-heating and is easy to maintain. Simply pressurise and then ignite just like you would a gas stove.

NOT included with the stove but available separately are 3 sizes of SOTO Fuel Bottles (SOD-700-)

A range of MUKA accessories are also available

Made In Japan

SOTO is part of a third generation family owned business (Shinfuji Burner Company), who have 40+ years of engineering experience behind them. Specialising in stove and burner technology SOTO are dedicated to the pursuit of manufacturing the best stoves in the world.