SOTO Windmaster Micro-Regulator Stove

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What We Think

This is without a doubt the best stove we've used ourselves - in this particular category. For its size, weight and power; personally I can't think of a better stove.

Key Features:

  • Micro-Regulator
  • Lightweight: 87g
  • Blue Flame technology
  • Optimised for winter use
  • Output: 3260W
  • Wind resistant - no need for windshield


Made in Japan

The SOTO Windmaster stove has been carefully engineered and made in Japan. It is more than capable of boiling 2 cups of water in under 2½ minutes, even in strong winds and gusty weather.

Extremely Wind Resistant

The concave design and minimal space between stovetop and pan results in a stove that can handle the harshest of conditions without the need for a windshield. With the added bonus of an increased efficiency in the heat exchange that reduces the time required to bring water to the boil.

Award Winning Technology

Fitted with SOTO's patented Micro-Regulator technology, which means that it maintains a consistent output under a wide range of temperatures and altitudes. Making it not only a great item for hill walking and camping but also for mountaineering use.

Safety First

Each of SOTO's stoves are individually tested for leaks and defects before they leave their factory.

Make It Yours

Finally, the interchangeable pot supports (4-Flex and Tri-Flex) allows you to customise the Windmaster to better suit your requirements. Most people will be happy using the 4-Flex (total wight: 87g) but if you do want to go ultralight that is where the Tri-Flex (total weight: 67g) comes in. The Tri-Flex is available as a separate accessory.

*Gas not included

Tech Specs

PDF Product Manual